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¿De donde somos?
La Mezcla.

Art Direction, Branding, Photography
"¿De dónde somos? La mezcla." is an intersectional dance performance showcasing Indigenous, Hispanic Texan youth of Central American and Mexican origin. The work aims to raise awareness of the Indigenous ancestral lineages and African diasporas, and alludes to the idea that our existence precedes our essence.

I delivered branded promotional content for the print and digital media platforms. Since the performance is about "identity", I used portraits to communicate this idea and designed the brandmark, inspired by Pantone color chips, to further emphasize it.

Overall, the campaign raised awareness, helped to gain traction for the show, and brought the Hispanic youth community of Austin together as a community.

come say “hi!”, dongxu is open for work 👋️                        come say “hi!”, dongxu is open for work 👋️                        come say “hi!”, dongxu is open for work 👋️                       

Victor Guo
(all pronouns) is a multidisciplinary designer with strengths in visual identity systems, UX/UI, illustration, typo
graphy, and inclusive design research.